Solar PV Installation

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September 1, 2017
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Solar PV Installation


Congratulations, you have taken a smart decision when you decided to get a roof top solar panel installation done.

With the cost of power and electricity increasing every year, it is about time a smart to take a decision to get an alternative source of power and that too, directly at the place of consumption i.e. in your home of office.

Many people have decided to leverage the solar energy to meet their daily and monthly electricity requirements.

Okay, so what exactly do you need to do now?

Well, you may have already called in the experts to survey and analyse your home. They will see if there is sufficient space available and prepare a feasibility report. There may be many technical calculations involved and measurements to be taken to ensure full customer satisfaction. Not all of them are highly technical or in other words rocket science and if you read through till the end of this article, things will be pretty simple.

Let’s look at the most important aspects in simple layman terms.

Available space

If you do not have any area of roof that is exposed to direct sunlight then maybe this is not the most economical choice for you (mind you, there are still options such as more than 1 household co financing the installation in the case of a multi-storey apartments)

Number of panels

How many panels will need to be installed? Well this depends on your consumption and also on your budgets. There is a fundamental concept in the Solar cells called PhotoVoltaic system or PV system.

In simple layman terms, it is the total voltage or power that the photo sensitive cells will produce when the Sun rays hit the exposed surface. The sum total of all the volts created by each panel that you will install in series on the roof will be defined. The experts do a survey of your home or office and check on the equipment that you have and would like to run on solar electric power.

The funda behind this set up

In reality, what is happening is that the Solar panels are helping to charge the batteries and the batteries are supplying power to the inverter which in turn is powering your appliances, very much like the normal way you use your fans and lights and other electrical appliances.

Ideally, you will not even notice which power is being used, the Solar Power that your roof top panels are providing or the regular grid power which you are buying from the local utility.

Savings galore

Of course, if you use the Solar Power, the only thing that will be affected is your power meter reading. You guessed it right… the number of units consumed is going to be less and savings start in the first month itself. Even at a worst case scenario, we can expect around 20% reduction in consumption.

Supporting the set up with the right equipment

It is also advisable to get the battery and inverter of good quality and sufficient capacity so that the daily power requirements can be easily met. The Solar panels can be considered as a back up to the existing grid system which becomes critical during the rainy season when the sunlight is not that bright to make the PV cells work at full capacity.

Now people have decided to leverage the solar energy to meet their daily and monthly electricity requirements. This is a guide for installing a retrofit solar PV installation on a residential property.


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